You're innocent! DJ Faxto's gf still proudly standing with him

The girlfriend insisted she knows him & he's incapable of killing anyone

DJ Fatxo and his GF.
Image: Instagram/DJ Fatxo

Media personality Gathoni Waruguru who happens to be Dj Fatxo's girlfriend has taken to social media to lament over the public unfair judgment of her man maintaining the Kikuyu artist is innocent.

Her boyfriend is among several key suspects in the murder of 23-year-old interior designer Jeff Mwathi who allegedly fell from the balcony of DJ Fatxo's 10th floor house located at Redwood Apartments which is situated along Thika Road.

Taking to her now private TikTok account Gathoni, who is a TV presenter with a vernacular station, complained about the unfair treatment her boyfriend is getting from society for a crime she maintains he did not commit.


She longingly talked of how she misses the days when they were free and the Dj did not have to hide from society or suffer constant trolling.

On another post, she made still on TikTok, Waruguru insisted that knowing the Dj the way she knows him he was incapable of killing anyone and the allegations of him being involved in Jeff's murder are untrue.

6 days ago through her Instagram page Gathoni vowed to stand firm by her man's side as she urged the Mugiithi artist to remain firm in this trying time of his life.


She went on to quote a Bible verse to motivate him captioning,

"So don't fear for I am with you. Don't be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen and help you. I will hold your righteous hand. You can do this!!!"

Dj Faxto has been facing unending massive backlash with Kenyans calling for justice for the late Jeff Mwathi to the extent of staging a protest outside where he lives a month ago.

His Instagram page has also been flocked by netizens calling him out and playing both judge and jury, however and unlike his girlfriend, he still has the comment section up.

The circumstances under which led to Jeff's death are still unclear and the DCI is investigating the matter. It has been 2 months since his sad demise and no arrests have been made yet.

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