Paula Kajala: I will never date again if my relationship with Marioo fails!

The socialite has been linked with other prominent Tanzanian musicians in the past

Marioo with Paula Kajala.
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer and daughter to Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala, Paula has revealed that singer/ songwriter Marioo is it for her.

According to the young entrepreneur, she sees a future with the artist and if this fails she has no plans of ever dating again.

A little extreme coming from someone who ain't even 25 and has her whole world ahead of her but okay.

Paula made the bold suggestion after she posted a picture of her new boyfriend, Marioo on her Instagram page letting her over 1.2 million followers know that he was it for her.


"My last," Paula captioned the photo.

The post went up shortly after Marioo took to his socials to defend her calling out netizens for bullying his girlfriend due to her past relationships.

Asking people to cut her some slack as he prophesied his undying love for her he wrote, "there are people who have a big problem especially because of her kind heart or her fame. Please let this fine girl be.


Let her enjoy. I know those who hate her are less yet she is still young and I do not want her to be hurt because I love her so much."

A week ago the social media influencer announced she would rather die than go back to her ex boyfriend, bongo star Rayvanny.

Throwing shade at the singer in a cryptic Instagram message Paula shared a photo while accompanied by Marioo's song where he asks "Utamrudia ex wako au bora kufa? (Will you go back to your ex or would you rather die."


In the caption, she wrote "Bora Kufa." (I'd rather die)

Rayvanny and Paula split last year and even though they've both teased fans with hints of reconciliation it is now as clear as day that they have both let the ties go and moved on from each others lives.

Paula is currently dating singer Marioo while Rayvanny has gone back to his baby mama Fahvanny and to cement the relationship, he got a tattoo of her on his wrist.


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