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Kenyan singer Nyashinski is in the UK. He has been sharing tidbits of his tour, with the latest being the match between Arsenal and Chelsea.

The popular brand ambassador is with his family and this past weekend, he performed at the Mo Festival where fans turned up to see one of Kenya's biggest names in showbiz.

However, some details about his diva-like behavior at The Mo Festival, a concert hosted by billionaire Mohammed Fathi Ahmed Ibrahim at KICC have leaked.


His reputation is now trending online with Kenyans sharing their views. He was the closing act, and fans could not wait for his performance.

An interview from Nairobi News suggests that event organizers were upset at his behavior where he refused to turn up for pre-show interviews.

The press briefing was on Friday, April 15 at a local Nairobi hotel. It was also said that in the same Nairobi News interview that even photographers found him difficult to work with.


“The other artistes were generally cooperative, but not him. Nyashinski is egocentric, he refused to do photo and video shoots as part of the build-up to the show. I tried to guide him on the set, and he said, 'I can’t do that,'" and walked away.

One of the photographers at the event agreed, noting that working with Nyashinski wasn’t all rosy and cordial.

“I have heard of similar incidents before, but this was the first time I experienced it. I don’t know if it’s because he’s such a star or if it’s a personality thing.

I found it odd that he did not behave the way he did consider that he had already been paid Sh2 million as an advance before the show and a similar amount was paid after the show,” the photographer revealed.