One of the New Jerusalem Church followers with Yesu wa Tongaren at Bungoma DCI offices on May,10,2023.
Image: Tony Wafula

Eliud Wekesa alias Yesu wa Tongaren has said he will not need lawyers if arraigned over his church activities.

The preacher who was summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, expressed confidence that he has not broken any law and he shall be set free once the interrogation is done.

“If I am arraigned I don’t plan to have any physical lawyer to defend me but instead my lawyers will be the sun and the moon since before God I have done nothing wrong,” he said.

Wekesa’s summon comes barely a month after the Shakahola incident in Kilifi county where many died due to suspected cultic activities.

Yesu wa Tongaren was summoned on Tuesday to appear before the DCI at Bungoma police station to respond to questions concerning his New Jerusalem church.

Addressing journalists at DCI headquarters in Bungoma town on Wednesday, Wekesa distanced himself from allegations by some Bungoma residents and leaders over his controversial preachings.

“Since I started this church, I have never had a problem with anybody but ever since the Shakahola incident happened people started questioning my New Jerusalem church,” he said.

Wekesa said that he started his ministry 12 years ago when he was 30 years old.

Wekesa was accompanied by his eleven ‘disciples’ and ‘prophets,’ and  said his teaching are Bible-based.

Francis Kooli, Bungoma County police commander, told the press that they are still probing Yesu wa Tongaren and interrogations will continue tomorrow.

“We haven’t completed our probe against Yesu wa Tongaren, tomorrow he will still come back for questioning,” Kooli said.

The police boss said that the main reason why the DCI summoned Wekesa was to understand what his church is all about, and why he changed his name to Yesu wa Tongaren.

“With what is happening today in Shakahola, it is prudent that we ensure the same doesn’t repeat itself in Bungoma by knowing and interrogating some of the controversial faiths in the region,” Kooli said.

Kooli noted that Wekesa’s summon is not meant to undermine him but they seek to understand the background of his church.