DJ Slahver tells off critics as he defends Nicah's dressing

Slahver revealed he buys Nicah's clothes and sees nothing wrong with them

DJ Slahver defends Nicah the Queen's outfit choices

DJ Slahver tells off critics as he defends Nicah's dressing choices

DJ Slahver has come out to defend his soon-to-be wife, gospel artist Nicah the Queen after the massive criticism the mother of 2 has been receiving due to her revealing outfit choices.

The gospel artiste has often been criticized over her dress code, even from her fellow ladies in the industry with many claiming she doesn't dress according to Christian values and that her outfits are too revealing.

Slahver telling off critics defended his fiance highlighting that Nicah was really an amazing person and submissive partner.

 "The Nicah you see on social media is very different from the one at home," he said, adding: "She is very supportive, understanding, open and submissive" 

He went on to add that he does not get why people have a problem with his fiancĂ©e's outfit choices when he doesn't. The DJ turned businessman went on to reveal that he buys most of Nicah's clothes and he actually loves seeing her in the outfits.

Gospel artist Nicah The Queen
Gospel artist Nicah The Queen

"I don't have a problem with her dress code. Mimi ndio humnunulia most of her clothes and I take her photos. I don't understand why they criticize her.

Sioni kama anavaa vibaya,(I don't see as if she dresses badly)" he said.

The soft-spoken man said positive criticism is good, saying if no one is talking about you, it means you're irrelevant.

He also added how madly in love they were highlighting they would be tying the knot before the year ends.

A month ago the gospel artist was fiercely slammed by other women in the industry for her revealing outfit choices.

Nicah the Queen is part of the 'Oh Sister' reality TV show that premiered on Maisha Magic Plus. In the first episode, the singer was called out by her fellow cast members for wearing a revealing dress.

In an interview with Mpasho, an unapologetic Nicah said she would continue wearing what is comfortable in. 

"Ni mimi navaa, niko comfortable that's all that is important because at the end of the day I will dress in what makes me comfortable".

She added that because she is a thick lady, clothes hug her in the right places and that is why people are bothered,"ningekua petite hakuna mtu angeongea."

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