It's cheap! Milly WaJesus on why she doesn't wear her wedding ring

The content creator revealed she's allergic to cheap things

Milly has revealed why she doesn't wear her wedding ring.
Kabi and Milly WaJesus at Akothee's wedding Milly has revealed why she doesn't wear her wedding ring.
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Milly WaJesus has revealed why she no longer wears her wedding ring even though she and her husband Kabi tied the knot 6 years ago.

The YouTuber who is currently in Dubai alongside her husband after they got an invite from the Kabus to join them in the desert country has put her husband on the spot after calling him out for getting her a cheap wedding ring back in 2017.

She shared a video of her and her husband along with Simon and Sarah Kabu inside a high-end jewellery store looking at different pieces. The attendant showed the WaJesus a ring that caught Milly's attention and she wouldn't stop gushing over it.

Upon inquiry, the attendant told them the ring cost about $2300 and Milly turned to her husband to ask him what he thought of the price.

In the video, she can be heard telling her husband, "I told you I'm not going to be wearing a cheap ring. Okay? I want a diamond..."

She posted the video on her Instagram stories highlighting that is what she wanted and it's the main reason why we never see her with a band on her finger.

"For those who keep on asking mbona sina ring... I will start wearing one the day that Kabi WaJesus goes out and gets me a ring that costs anywhere from $2300 dollars and nothing less!" Firmly stated the mother of 2.

In the video, Kabi chuckled nervously hitting Milly with the famous Kenyan that people use when cornered. "Weeeell..." said Kabi as he prolonged the word and cleared his throat.

What the content creator is demanding is a ring worth close to Sh. 315,000 thousand when rounded off.

She then went on to add that her standards had gone up and the ring she got married with no longer fit in her new lifestyle as it was a cheap band and cheap things no longer had space in her life.

"I think I am allergic to cheap things," the last of her post read.

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