Cristiano Ronaldo
Image: Instagram

Controversial journalist, Piers Morgan, who is an Arsenal fan and close friend of famous Portuguese football player, Christiano Ronaldo, talked a lot about the player when his contract with Manchester United ended last year.

Through his Twitter page, Morgan had an exchange with a fan who wanted to know where Ronaldo was. "Where is Ronaldo Piers, where is he?" the fan asked.

In response, Morgan, who does not know how to hide secrets, let loose saying how Ronaldo was close to joining Arsenal before the Al Nassr club from Saudi Arabia intervened and emerged victorious in the pursuit of the Portuguese's contract.


Morgan explained that Arsenal were the first to offer him a contract until the end of the season, something Ronaldo was ready to accept.  

He then criticized Arsenal for having lost a lot by not signing Ronaldo who was ready to join them.

He said that was why they had failed to capitalise on their great EPL start this season, while City now has a great chance to take the championship for the third time in a row.