Wahu with her daughter Nyakio
Image: Instagram

Singer Wahu Kagwi was surprised by her daughter Nyakio's message to her on Mother's Day.

Wahu and Nameless's 2nd-born child, Nyakio was not left behind in celebrating her mother.

She wrote a beautiful letter wishing the singer a happy Mother's Day and telling her how proud she was to be her daughter.

"Happy Mother's Day. You are the best mother in the world," read the letter revealed by Wahu on Instagram.

Despite all the accolades, the 10-year-old beauty did not fail to 'attack' her mother in her letter. She used the age and strictness of the singer as an opening for her attack.

"Happy Mother's Day mum," she started.

"You are the best mother in the land. You are kind of old but you are the best. You are very strict but daddy is stricter. I am very happy that you are my mother. Nyachichi and Wema are with me," read the letter.

Wahu revealed the letter from her daughter on her Instagram page and expressed great surprise. "Wuh😂😂😂," she said.

Wahu and Nameless were blessed with a third child in October last year, 9 years after Nyakio's birth.

In one of her messages during her pregnancy, she wrote,

"Since I knew I was carrying you, I loved you. I have loved every kick you made and turned around, doctor's visits where I saw your heartbeat, I have loved singing to you, talking to you...," she said.

Wahu went on to say that she was worried and the experience left her with mixed feelings. She also thanked God for giving birth well and safely.  

“I've worried, prayed, and felt so many emotions for the past 9 months, and here it is now... when I hold you in my arms for the first time. It's hard to describe this moment, all I can say is Thank you, God. You have seen us," she said.