Gone international? Done! Dennis Ombachi aka 'Roaming Chef' featured on major US network

The rugby player turned chef shared he was super elated for the feature

Dennis Ombachi
Image: Instagram

Kenyan master of knives and tasty meals, Dennis Ombachi popularly known as the Roaming Chef has just gone global, with full recognition!

The former Kenya 7's rugby player excited netizens after he shared a video of him being featured on America's media powerhouse CNN.

In the said 30-second video that Ombachi had re-posted from CNN'S official Twitter page, the chef can be seen hanging out with CNN's Larry Madowo in his usual favourite scene... his house balcony.


The two shared a hearty meal and laughter shortly after the roaming chef had created his magic. Larry was mind blown by Ombachi's mastery skills in the kitchen and couldn't stop swooning over the meal.

Captioning the post the father of 2 wrote, "woke up to my story on CNN, thanks to all of you who have been part of this journey. To greater heights, cheers."

On their part, CNN captioned the post "This rugby player swapped his boots for an apron and is now known as the roaming chef to millions of social media followers."


As they went on to show off some of Ombachi's iconic chopping skills and tasty meals at the end of it all.

The post in less than 24 hours has gathered over 6.8k likes, 200 comments and has been shared over 2.5 thousand times.

If for some weird reason, you don't know Ombachi, he's the guy who cooks from a balcony and always says 'done' after every step.

He also chops things up like he has super regenerating cells like Marvel's Deadpool. I'm pretty sure you've seen one of his videos on social media.


According to the father of two, growing up he adored being around his mom especially when she was preparing meals. He loved watching her art, her ability to give love form in the shape of tasty meals, and that is where he learned how to cook.

“I love being next to my mom. When I was younger, I always watched her cook for us and that’s how my cooking passion developed. 

By just watching how my mom did her cooking, I learnt some skills which I knew would help me in the future,” ” Ombachi revealed.

While cooking at home he shares videos on social media of what he is cooking and the steps to follow. He also shares different recipes for his fans to try at home.


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