Riggy G reveals he had crush on Limuru Girl's principal as he donates Sh1 million to the school

reveals his lifelong crush as he donates sh.1 million to Limuru girls
Rigathi Gachagua reveals his lifelong crush as he donates sh.1 million to Limuru girls
Image: The-Star

Riggy G is back at it again...the Deputy President had Kenyan citizens in stitches after he disclosed he had an immense crush on Limuru Girls High School Principal Teresa Mwangi while growing up.

H.E Gachagua revealed Teresa was his neighbour growing up as he went on to confess how he was smitten by Teresia's beauty back then adding that most boys in his age bracket tried seducing her, him included.

The Deputy President had accompanied President Willy Ruto to the school as guest of honours while the school celebrated 100 years of excellence.


Speaking to the masses, Gachagua highlighted that as a young boy, he tried his luck at courting Teresa, but it was it didn't bear fruits as, she wasn't easy to impress a statement that had the students in stitches.

"We grew up together. We are neighbours at home. We tried to confuse her tumweke kwa box, akaruka.

I am sure if she had been an easy girl and listened to some of us. Tulikuwa tunataka kumpeleka namna hii namna hii, tungemchenga na hangefika hapa," he said amid laughter from all those in attendance.


He continued to express his admiration for the principal, pointing out that despite years taking a toll on her, she was still a beauty to behold. 


"She was a very beautiful girl and she is still very beautiful. Why she the chief principal of such a great institution is because she was tough. She is still tough," added Gachagua. 

He then went on to advise the girls at Limuru High to be wary of boys and men out to distract them. He told the students to remind men to give them time to build themselves so they can compete on equal footing in the future

"Our boys and men are good people and they are also not good people. Ambia hao vijana watulie, wapatie nyinyi nafasi, you shall compete with them on equal footing at the right time," the Deputy President said.

He then went on to promise to gift the girls Sh.1 million for their celebration, asking the president to allow him to make the donation.

"Your excellency hii mambo ya bahasha ya hii wasichana wacha mimi nipange ndio wakule hiyo chapati. Hiyo kuku, soda nini. Mnapenda soda? Which one do you like? Wa Fanta ni wangapi? Wa Coca Cola ni wangapi?" Gachagua posed as he teased the girls who cheered him on.

He finished off by adding:

"Wacha mimi nitafte one million niwachie principal ya bash ya hawa warembo so that it is important your excellencies who are here for these girls to know that Uncle Willy was around.

Si tuko sawa sawa? We wish you well and we know you will be women of substance. You will come and join us in national development as serious professionals. And you are people who are equal to the task," Finished off Riggy G.

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