The genesis of the famous Riggy-G Mwakenya
Rigathi Gachagua The genesis of the famous Riggy-G Mwakenya
Image: The-Star

Barely days after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua revealed that he gives his beloved wife Pastor Dorcas, only 3 thousand Kenyan shillings for her salon expenses Kenyans swamped social media with a guide of how much men should spend on their ladies.

According to the guide, a woman should get money based on her man's income and not a round set figure.

I mean if the DP's wife spends only 3k what do you want extra money for?


Trust Kenyans to twist everything and find a reason not to spoil their ladies but have no problem with spending on alcohol and nyama choma.

Catching wind of the memes going round and misinterpretation of his statement Riggy G has responded to the social media madness pleading with men not to slash their wives salon money.

He maintained that women should be spoiled and whatever he does for his wife wasn't the S.I unit for what other men should do.


"The KSh 3,000 that I talked about is for pastor Dorcas. Give your wife what you are used to giving. If you were giving her 10,000, continue,"  Riggy G pointed out in a now viral video where he asked men to stop comparing relationships.

The DP went on to add, "Don't take advantage vile nilisema... That Sh 3,000 that I said, its for Pastor Dorcas.  Wewe patia mama ya kwako vile mumezoeana."

Laughing about the whole ordeal, Rigathi added, "Because kama yako ulikuwa unampatia 10,000 unajua some people are now taking advantage because I said I give Pastor Drocas sh3,000 ku take advantage kupunguza, pea mama ile mulizoeana.

And you know the constitution does not allow you to withdraw a benefit you give what you have been doing."

Speaking to the ladies he asked them not to agree to be boxed into terms they don't agree to.

Riggy G encouraged them to stand up to their husbands and continue to get the same amount that they have been getting if not even more.

rigathis son with his mum Pator Dorcas
rigathis son with his mum Pator Dorcas
Image: courtesy

"So wewe mama pia pigania haki zako wasitumie hio kufinya nyinyi.

Hiyo ni ya Pastor Dorcas elfu tatu mhubiri hana mambo mingi, you people don't take advantage vile nilisema," Riggy G advised.

Last week while speaking at the launch of the Women Enterprise Fund and the second product of the Hustler Fund at Kenyatta International Convention Center the DP shocked people when he revealed that his wife only gets 3k for her salon expenditure.

The DP made the revelation while encouraging men to take good care of their women and ensure that they always look presentable.

“Look at Pastor Dorcas, I have done my part…it is also important to look for a calm woman. I am so lucky I married a pastor who does not have so many needs. I give her Sh3000 and she is content,” he said.

Adding that, “Women should only cover their heads during religious ceremonies in church. On other days they should be pampered, put in hair dryers, and style their hair.”

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