The two pastors arguing.
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A video of two pastors (a man and a woman) with Bibles in their hands in Gikomba market, has gone viral on the internet after they were seen arguing violently.

In the video that was uploaded on TikTok, the two preachers were seen verbally sparring and sometimes threatening to fight over what seemed to be a fight fr turf.

The male pastor was seen preaching by quoting words from his Bible while the woman who was wearing a crimson-coloured robe sounded like she was mourning after the man came to the area she was preaching at.


However, despite the groans of the female pastor the male pastor continued to preach to the people who were full of surprise.

He even accused the female pastor of giving misleading lessons like that of pastor Paul Mackenzie from Kilifi.

"Go back and forth, cry a lot. You can't deceive people, Mackenzie was arrested for lying and wanting to sacrifice people in Shakahola, Ezekiel was caught and you can't deceive people here..." the male pastor scolded the female.


The female pastor continued with her theatrics, including kneeling on the ground and going into her bag where she took out her Bible and opened it while also taking out a cloth around her neck and started waving it in the air.

All those scenes did not seem to scare the male pastor who called them superstitious.

The cries and lamentations of the female pastor attracted dozens of businessmen, some of whom seemed to defend her by telling off the male pastor for his harsh words.

They found it wrong to compare her sermons with the events from the infamous Shakahola farm.

Below is the interesting video;