Jackie Matubia surprises 1 year old daughter with vacation for her birthday

She promised fans she'd do a face and full name review of her daughter during the vacation

Jackie Matubia flies out her daughter for her 1st birthday

Jackie Matubia's second-born daughter whom she shares with Kenyan thespian Blessing Lungaho just turned one and Jackie couldn't hold her excitement.

The actress flew her took kids on vacation to an undisclosed location to celebrate the young ones milestone.

It is not clear if her baby daddy Blessing is with them on this trip as on his Instagram it has been business as usual. He didn't even put up a post wishing his daughter a happy birthday, nor does he appear in Matubia's videos or pictures.

But knowing them, it might all be a ruse.

Celebrating her daughter turning one, Jackie promised to do a face and full name reveal of the little one later on in the day as well as revealing where they currently are on vacation.

Honestly don't know what face reveal is a thing but we just go with the times and trends at this point.

Taking to her Instagram stories she posted a video of her in bed where she went on to promise her fans that they would finally get to see her 2nd born daughter.

jackie matubia set to reveal her daughters face and full name

"Hello my loves, how are you people doing on this fine Sunday morning? Us we slept in paradise and still woke up in paradise. 

I would love to tell you guys where we are...The name of the destination where we are and baby D's face and name reveal happens today!" Said the mother of 2 excitedly.

Earlier on she'd posted a few pics of her and her daughters boarding a plane enroute to their destination. D's face was hidden with an emoji while her other daughter excitedly smiled at the camera.

Their plane had a cute small sticker that read, "happy birthday baby D, year 1,"

Jackie revealed she had planned a customised vacation that she hopes will create cherished memories for both her little one and the entire family.

Customized vacations allow one to design their itineraries to best suite their time, comfort and pockets.

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