Mark Masai.
Image: Instagram

Former NTV news anchor/ PR and communications strategist Mark Masai has excited fans after he shared a rare glimpse of a cute daddy-son moment of him and his toddler spending quality time together.

Mark, who rarely talks much about his personal life/ post about his family online left his over 49.4k Instagram followers swooning after showing off his young boy.

On his Instagram Stories, the award-winning bearded journalist shared a video of himself at the gym and he had a cute companion to cheer him on during his workouts.       


Mark's toddler was rocking a cute yellow t-shirt, colorful white pants, and blue sneakers.

Captioning of his videos Mark joked about how it was his boy who had encouraged him to hit the gym after a long hiatus.

"My son thinks it's time dad went back to the gym, so he took me for a walk," the voice-over artist wrote as he showed a video of him and his son walking around the gym with Black Eyed Peas 'Let's Get It Started' playing in the background.

Mark Masai's kid
Image: Instagram

In another video, he showed off his son's enthusiasm for the gym as the toddler was seen mimicking his dad's actions. Mark asked him to form a fist and punch the set punching bag to which the young boy happily obliged.

One can hear the tiny boy repeating after his dad who is yelling "hiyah" as he forms a punch. Mark's son lightly punches the bag as his dad looks on proudly.

"He got a swing too so I better get fit for the future," Mark added.

The video is a rare gem as Mark has strived to keep his family off social media since tying the knot with his wife Nduta.

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