Model Paula Kajala, the daughter of veteran actress Fridah Kajala Masanja, has revealed that it was true that Harmonize made a bold attempt to seduce her during that period when he was also dating her mother.

Speaking on the Beyond the Gram reality show that airs live on Emerald TV, Paula said that she hates Harmonize with all her soul.

The beautiful woman who last week asked her father to stop monitoring her life, this time aimed her anger at Konde Boy saying that she hates the musician.


Paula said that people outside and away from her and her mother think that they have no boundaries and that's why Harmonize slipped on that banana peel trying to get both Paula and her mom.

"Because outsiders feel that we have no limits, and that's why someone like Harmonize dares to seduce me even though he was my mother's boyfriend, I hate him," Paula said in part.

In 2021, photos and seductive messages were leaked that were supposed to be from Harmonize towards Paula, while he was dating her mother.


The incident made Kajala angrily break off her relationship with Harmonize but after a year, the Konde Gang artist regretted the act of sending dirty pictures to Paula and apologized while asking Kajala to reconcile with him.

Finally in June last year, Kajala agreed to forgive Harmonize and they got back together, at a special event in Milimani City.

But after another six months, the two separated, and during that period there were rumours from netizens that Harmonize was sharing the same bed with Kajala and her daughter, while others went further and claimed that Harmonize was the one who opened the clothing store for Paula.