Change menu! Netizens hilariously react to Amber Ray's cooking video

Amber, on Instagram had posted a video of her preparing dinner for her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray asked by netizens to learn to cook something else besides egg curry
Image: Instagram/Amber Ray.

Netizens have flocked to Amber Ray's latest Instagram post mocking the socialite and her cooking skills.

Most of the guys in the comment section raised concerns that Amber is always cooking egg curry for her fiancé, a move they find unhealthy and torturous to the environment.

Others asked the new mom why she never cooks ugali for her husband yet she knows it's a Luo delicacy.

All this stemmed from a video Amber posted yesterday evening showing off her skills in the kitchen as she highlighted why she loves spoiling her man.

In the video, she could be seen boiling eggs and then slightly shallow frying them before adding them to the stewed curry. She, later on, served the meal for her fiancé accompanied by rice and a glass of milkshake.

She captioned the video, "When a man treats you well, it becomes a pleasure to take care of him in return🥰 #Amber the brand,"

Netizens were quick to flood her comment section asking her why she only ever prepares egg curry for her man. Casually giving their unsolicited advice online in laws went on to ask the socialite to learn how to prepare others meals and change the menu in the house.

Others taunted Amber and Rapudo asking how the state of the house usually is after such a meal. This is due to the fact that boiled eggs are believed to make one pass stinky gas a lot especially when one has a lot of them.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users:

euny_queeny: Si baba africana anashutanga sana jameni na izo mayai

tarrotip: Amber way, si tu change menu kidogo away from eggs boiro and rice 😀. 

rachel.moinge: Leo usijifunike duvet kichwa mzima💨😂

min_rhajool: Pikia mjaluo samaki na ugali na alot dek hizi nini sasa za kupeleka tumbo ya mzee mbio hadi sikuizi shingo yake inakaa imekonda

_mnonnez: Umeamua rapudo achome fuse😹💀

mendyy254: Woi……mtanyambiana sana yawa😂😂😂Kwani umekua mama kayai 🤣

hals_varieties: Ni mchuzi wa mayai ya kuchemsha huu😂😂😂

esthershanzy: Jaber...the day you will cook fish and ugali and serve @kennedyrapudo..not eggs. We as online aunties from the lakeside will give you a luo name that means the " gods " have accepted you home.

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