Shorn Arwa makes bold new vow about her image

The mom of has asked people to stop overthinking/taking things too literal

Digital content creator Shorn Arwa
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ social media influencer Shorn Arwa is calling upon her fans and fellow netizens to stop reading too much into the content she chooses to share online.

According to the YouTuber, not everything she posts online is a reflection of how her life is going.

Shorn maintains that she just posts memes because they are funny and people should just view them as just that, memes.


"It is crazy that I can't see a meme I like and repost it in peace," angrily started off the new mom accompanying the post with several crying emojis echoing how triggered she was.

The digital content creator went on to rant over the misinterpretations and how unfair it was.

She also highlighted that she has always posted things she deemed funny and it wasn't a reflection of her life or relationship.

"Sasa kila kitu ni cryptic message huku yawa! I have always been the type to post anything that makes me laugh, lakini siku hizi imekuwa ngumu (but these days it has become really difficult)," Shorn Arwa lamented.

The creative asked people to stop trying to dictate her life as well as offering her advice that she didn't ask for.

"So here is the thing: I will post anything I want from now hence forth, I promise you all nothing I post is cryptic so please reeeest, wacheni kuja kwa DM's zangu with your maturity advice," Shorn's post read.

Finishing up she joked that she was still a child even though she just recently gave birth and she was planning on enjoying her childish bliss till the very end.

"I'm a child, I just happened to have a child but I'm still very much a child," the last of her post read.

On her stories, she also shared a screen grab of her private conversation with very content creator Keranta where the two were musing over something funny.

Keranta jokingly warned Shorn not to repost memes from her page as people would start speculating and she'd find herself in blog posts in no second.

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