Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez
Image: Instagram

Renowned DJ David Kamau aka Dejaay Bonez and his wife Kamene Goro have opened up about the strange events with one of the former lovers of the radio personality.

While sharing the story in one of the episodes of the Kamene and Obinna Podcast, the couple revealed that one of Kamene's ex-boyfriends found it difficult to move on with his life after the breakup and was following them at home and even in places of entertainment to disturb them.

In one incident that they narrated, the couple revealed that the man, whom they did not identify, met them at the journalist's house one night after they had gone out to entertain and started ringing the doorbell for them to open.


"One day he came and rang the doorbell. He was talking a lot while at the door. I opened it and asked him, 'What it is?'," Bonez said.

Kamene continued to narrate, "Bonez started wearing a belt and shoes and I knew this was the day.

We were just chilling at home after a gig. It was the time of Covid. It was around four o'clock at night. I had taken a shower and then I went to the door and saw that it was locked."


The former radio presenter explained that she had already informed her husband about her ex-boyfriend who was always following her.

Deejay Bonez questioned the behavior of his wife's ex-boyfriend and said that he was acting stupid.

"That guy came to see that we are not opening. He started ringing the bell. It's stupidity he had," Bonez said.

Kamene revealed that they tried to seek help from security guards who unfortunately could not resolve the conflict, prompting them to call the police.

"The guards failed to calm the situation. The police had to be called. They had to go in and they went up and took him out," Kamene said.

The announcer added, "He was saying he had come to his wife. Cops were asking why wouldn't your wife open the door if it's your home? He said it's not his house, it's his wife's. He was told not to enter."

The couple also shared another story that happened in Mombasa where Kamene's ex-boyfriend entered a club where Deejay Bonez was performing.

"While we were in Mombasa, he came to a large group of people and touched me, I turned around and was surprised.

It was about a year since we broke up (I had been with Bonez for about a year and more). He said he wanted to go and say hello to my boyfriend. I said at your peril.

He went to the hut in front of him," Kamene said.

Bonez revealed that after standing in front of him, Kamene's ex applauded him, congratulating him on winning the woman they were 'fighting for.'

"He came and clapped his hands and said congratulations, 'You have won.' Good thing Mombasa is known for bouncers. I called the bouncers to take him out and he was taken to the beach. He really bothered me," said Bonez.

The deejay however made it clear that he would never fight with another man over a woman.

"I can't, I can't fight for a woman. To be honest, I respect myself. Let the woman decide for herself what she wants," he said.

He said that the only time he can defend his woman is when she is harassed or robbed of something.

Kamene, however, seemed to dislike her husband's feelings and even asked for the conversation to end.