Crazy Kennar
Image: Instagram

After dropping hints on social media that he was dealing with depression, Crazy Kennar has now spoken out.

The comedian penned, "Depression is real."

After remaining silent for more than a month, Kennar has spoken out to thank his friends, family, and fans for supporting him during his time away from making content.


"My dream has always been to put a smile on as many faces as possible. Each day when I wake up, I always embark on a mission to touch a soul through comedy. I always endeavor to ensure that all my online content has a positive impact on anyone who is on the verge of falling into depression."


These people have no one to talk to, in fact, from their testimonies, they have no hope in sight. I have since realized that I can't reach out to these brothers and sisters alone."

He continued by saying that he had gotten a lot of messages from people throughout time who were facing various difficulties.


"I need you, people. I desire a family that believes in the well being of the person next to them. Every time I make you smile, share it with a person you feel could be having a problem and just let them know they will be alright."


He concluded by asking his followers to be their brother's keeper. "For the rest of this month, I will be out to put a smile on your faces each day as I tag you along to walk with me in this journey."