Trouble brewing in Crazy Kennar's camp following cryptic posts from crew members

Some members of Kennar's crew have unfollowed him and put up messages highlighting a fallout

Members of Crazy Kennar's digital content creation team
Image: Instagram

Yvonne Khisa, one of Crazy Kennar's crew members has left people speculating after she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram stories shortly after the award-winning creator hinted that he was depressed.

Kennar on his page had posted a message that read, "Depression is real," accompanied by a broken heart emoji. He did not add anything else to the post or offer any explanation as to what led to the post.

He shared the same post on his Instagram stories with the song, "Kothbiro," by Ayub Ogada playing.


Shortly afterward, Yvonne took to her Instagram stories to post what seemed like a rejoinder to Kennar's post.

"Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest shit ever," wrote the budding content creator followed by laughing emojis and the peace sign.

After a quick social media sweep, we noticed that Yvonne had also unfollowed the funny man. Yvonne's post and choice to distance herself from Kennar.


This comes in barely months after two other crew members unfollowed Kennar and downright stopped producing content with him.

Bushra Sakshi and Africas a few weeks ago went ahead to unfollow the award-winning comedian. Bushra didn't release any statement or post anything to imply what the genesis of their fallout might be.

Africas on her part did post something cryptic just like Yvonne but she didn't provide any further clarification or address why the two were no longer making content together.

However, on her Instagram stories, she posted a message that read, "Men can leave you in the desert with no water (laughs) no actual men will leave you in the desert with no water!

Anyway, another day to remind you to fight for your space unapologetically. With a lover, Management!" 

She also posted a gif of a curious guy sipping a huge cup of tea as he quizzically looked around with Cardi B and Offset's hit song, "Clout" playing in the background.

"Do anything for clout.. they do anything for clout, do this woo woo, b*tch watch your mouth" the lyrics read.

Interestingly enough, Kennar's girlfriend Natalie Asewe on her part seemed to be defending her man and calling out his female crew members who seem to have had a huge disagreement with him.

Natalie shared an old post that an award-winning digital content creator had posted a while back reminding people to always fear women.

There's really something hot brewing at Kennar's camp and the posts illicit more questions than answers. What is your take on all this? Real issue or a clout-chasing attempt?

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