Nimrod Mbai
Image: The-Star

Nimrod Mbai, the MP for Kitui East, was interrogated by the anti-graft organisation for hours on Monday on his public conduct.

He denied hitting an employee of Kenya Power and Lighting. “No, I never assaulted anyone. Did you see me? I am a pastor and did not do that,” he claimed.

After the event, he had been called to appear before the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.


After almost four hours, he eventually left and claimed that he was not the offender.

Mbai, who identifies himself as a preacher, asserted that he was unaware of the occurrence in issue and that the video evidence had been altered.

He did not apologise, but he did defend his behaviour by saying that he would have handled the matter differently if given the chance again.


The MP is seen cursing at the Kenya Power personnel in the trending social media video before repeatedly slapping one of them.

EACC Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak criticised MP Mbai's actions and urged Kenyans to make good political choices.

At the legislator's home in Kitengela, Kajiado County, an illegal power line was allegedly being attempted to be disconnected when Mbai is accused of striking a Kenya Power engineer.

Charges of assault and firearms misuse will be brought against him. In response to the incident, he was also de-armed of his weapon.

The MP formerly worked as a police officer. When Alfred Mutua was the government spokesman, he used to serve as his bodyguard.

He also served as Francis Nyenze, a former minister,'s bodyguard.

On July 3, 2023, Mbai was seen on video slapping a Kenya electricity engineer and threatening to shoot him for cutting off his electricity line.

During his bout of wrath, Mbai also reached for and stowed his gun, which was falling.

Agitated KPLC employees protested peacefully over the event from the company's Epza offices to the Kitengela police station.