Arrow Bwoy proves how well he knows his gf, Nadia Mukami

The artist participated in a game of guess the lyrics where they were playing his baby mama's songs

at KissFM studios
Kenyan musician Arrow Bwoy at KissFM studios

Recording and performing artist Arrow Bwoy has revealed that him and his baby mama Nadia Mukami while working on their first hit song 'Radio Love' were not a couple contrary to people's beliefs.

While in studio with Kiss FM presenters Chito and Kwambox the new dad maintained that at the time there was barely enough chemistry between them however he'd already taken notice of Nadia and fancied her.

Arrow Bwoy also proved that he's his woman's biggest supporter during a round of 'guess the lyrics' that he played with the energetic hosts while in studio.

"We want to welcome you in an important style. We all know who the love of your life is.

So if we were to ask you any random question, how well do you think you know Nadia?" Chito excitedly asked the artist.


Arrow Bwoy went on to reveal he'd rate himself a 8/10 on how well he knows his baby mama.

Kwambox couldn't help but be impressed by the singer's honesty as most people would automatically brag and state a 10/10.

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy during their son's birthday

However, on how well he knows Nadia's music the 'Kai Wangu' crooner was at a loss of words.


"What about her music, If I ask you how well do you know Nadia's music?" Chito asked.

The whole studio burst into laughter following Arrow Bwoy's change of demeanour and his reluctance to answer the question.

"Well... well... I didn't see that one coming," the artist said amidst laughter. He went on to add, "Nadia's music I think a 4... no, 6. I'd say 6/10, lakini mgenipea memo tafadhali"

And thus the game began, Chito and Kwambox revealed they'd play a couple of Nadia Mukami's songs and Arrow Bwoy had to guess the titles.

Beautifully enough the new dad got most of his baby mama's songs minus one.

He also went on to reveal that while working on their first hit song 'Radio Love' they were not a couple contrary to people's beliefs.

"At that time we were just eyeing each other out and in my head I was like, 'let me respect this female artist' you know she was an upcoming artist back then.

I'd just look at her and I'm like, let us just work and get it done with although I fancied her," the new dad revealed.

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