Guardian Angel with Esther Musila
Image: Instagram

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has ruled out the possibility of his marriage with Esther Musila breaking up, saying that they are getting along and are living a life of peak happiness.

During an interview with YouTuber 2mbili, the singer said that their marriage is built on the foundations of God and cannot fall apart because God planned for them to meet as they did even though there have been missiles against them due to the large age difference.

"There was a lot of ridicule against me when I got married. Where are those people right now? Because everyone wants to look at life the way they are used to. I have been able to succeed in my marriage and I believe that people have different opinions about my marriage," Angel said.


"The things of people on the internet do not affect us at all. We enjoy life, we live our best life. Especially with my wife, we roll and bowl, that is, we are at the top, you understand," he added.

Guardian Angel also said that there is no need to pressure anyone to marry a woman of his own age, saying that many who have married women of their own age, many of them out there are turning away.

"A large percentage of people who are in a young relationship are turning away, they feel that there is someone else who is important, so what is the importance of being in that kind of relationship?


Yes, you have children, you are married to someone of your own age, but even this person of your own age, you still desire another outsider.

It doesn't matter. There is more to marriage than even children," Angel said.