I wish I could turn back time- Huddah Monroe laments

The socialite shared a few interesting life regrets she currently harboured

Cosmetics and beauty mogul Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Beauty and cosmetics mogul Huddah Monroe has penned a message highlighting an interesting regret that she currently harbours.

According to the global trotting socialite now that age is catching up with her she is realizing some petty mistakes that she did in the past and deeply wishes she could turn back time.

Taking to her Instagram stories Huddah offered a half-arsed apology for all the times she had body-shamed people as well as for mocking her elders back then.

"As I get older my body is getting bigger! What in the sorcery? I used to think y'all were just fat," part of her post read.

She went on to add, "I didn't know it comes with age! Forgive me... I now understand." 

Her next post went on to read;

"Never mock your elders, I wish I could turn back time, I used to think 30-year-old people were OLD.

I'm now 30 and like wtf! Life is not a rehearsal and a JOKE!" The beauty mogul quipped.

Huddah finished up by reminding her fans and followers that no matter how bomb they looked right now age would eventually catch up with them.

I mean everyone knows that's how aging works but okay, go off Rich Beauty CEO.

"There is nothing new under the sun, you will get old whether you like it or not!

And tomorrow is not guaranteed! ENJOY LIFE! We save so much for a future that we are not sure of. Whether you like it or not, life will humble all of us!" The last of her post read.

Huddah turned 30 last year in October according to her Instagram post, although Google lists her age as 31.

She celebrated her birthday in style on a private jet in Dubai. The Rich Beauty CEO shared photos on the private jet in a bikini, surrounded by pink balloons and flowers.

Huddah went on to write a letter to herself vowing not to have any more excuses when it comes to life in general.

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