Blac Chyna opens up on why she had her implants removed

The socialite advised women against getting face fillers and butt implants

Blac Chyna
American model and socialite Blac Chyna
Image: Instagram

American model, socialite, and reality TV star Blac Chyna after having her butt implants removed, is now advising women against getting face fillers and butt implants.

The 34-year-old former reality TV actress revealed she had fillers taken out of her burst and behind after almost 15 years of having implants, Chyna had her butt enhanced when she was only 19 years old.

"One of the things I feel like is going to take me to the next level is to obviously take some of these butt shots out. And by the way, butt shots and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lifts) are totally different. A BBL is where they use your own fat while ass shots are silicon.

I just want all the ladies out there to know: do not get silicone shots," she warned her 16 million followers in a series of Instagram videos posted on her page.

Before adding, "you can get sick, you can die, have complications, and all this other crazy stuff.” 

Chyna continued to post about the potential risks and side effects she wish she had known about, even sharing a video of her consultation with a doctor. 

On why she had the implants at such a tender age Chyna notes peer pressure and a desire to fit in led her to make the decision which she now regrets.

“I’m moving on in life so I want this shi* out of my ass so I can grow. I’m past that stage. Been there done that, I’m passing the baton to the younger ladies." Chyna said in her video.

Blac Chyna advises girls against getting butt implants
Image: Instagram

Now that she has dealt with her behind, the removal of facial fillers is going to be Blac Chyna's third cosmetic treatment after having her breasts reduced in a bid to put her past behind her.

Chyna claimed her move had not been necessitated by health complications, a majority of her over 16 million followers thought otherwise, arguing if that wasn’t the case, then there was no reason to caution her fans.

Also, there is the fact that during her conversation with the doctor, he alluded that the implants were starting to affect her body.

"You can see deformities," he explained to her. "You can see a discoloration of the skin… so the best thing is just don’t do it. Don’t do it."

Silicone butt shots work by injecting the dermal filler deep within the tissue of the buttocks to provide a larger volume appearance, one of the potential problems with the injections is when the injectible silicone oil (breaks) off into smaller particles throughout the body, possibly causing permanent damage and life-threatening complications such as stroke, embolism, and even death.

Chyna joins the list of celebrities like Cardi B and our very own Huddah Monroe who have openly spoken about the dangers of these cosmetic procedures and have actually had theirs reversed.

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