Cardi B reveals Kim Kardashian gave her plastic surgery advice

Kim Kardashian has always disputed that she's had any plastic surgery minus done

Cardi B hanging out with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B is opening up more about the procedures she's had done and this time round she's naming celebrities who've helped her along the cosmetic journey.

The mother of two during Revolt TV's The Jason Lee Show revealed that she actually took surgeon recommendations from Kim Kardashian before going under the knife.

Cardi went ahead to that the beauty mogul for pointing her in the right direction. This revelation, however, does put Kim in a tight spot as the SKIMS founder has always been very defensive when it comes to conversations about going under the knife.


Especially when it comes to her behind. Kim has strongly disputed any claims that she has had any work done on her behind or tummy area. The only thing she has ever confirmed is having botox in the past.

An audio from the interview first dropped on the Jason Lee Podcast where Cardi can be heard talking about all the cosmetic procedures she has had done.

These include a nose job and butt lift.


Speaking about cosmetic surgery the mother of two said:

"People will be assuming that when you do surgery, you are insecure about yourself or you hate yourself. And that is just not the truth.

If I want to correct something or do a little something, something, I don’t give a damn, like I’m going to do it.

I like being perfect. I like a certain type of body for myself.”

Jason asked Cardi how she was able to find good docs she could trust to work on her face and her body to which Cardi revealed that her famous friend Kim had come through for her.

Cardi told Jason that Kim had actually given her a few recommendations.

The 'Bodak Yellow" hitmaker confirmed that she did actually phone a couple of the names Kim gave to her, but didn’t confirm whether she ended up going with any of those medical professionals in the end.

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