Risper Faith revisits beef with Tanasha Donna

Risper noted that Tanasha not keeping her end of the deal put her in bad light

Socialite Risper Faith sheds light on cosmetic surgery drama with Tanasha Donna
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has been making headlines a little bit more than usual over the past few days and the former reality TV actress seems ready to milk it all.

And in that spirit, she has chosen to revisit her explosive cosmetic surgery drama with Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna.

During an interview with YouTuber, Mungai Eve Risper decided to shed some light on the whole ordeal.

 "So many people are worshipping her maybe because she gave birth with a star (Diamond Platinumz) but truth be told she sent me a DM... akaniambia she's ready, she has the money, she wants to pay and do the surgery.

So, she was looking for me to connect her with somebody who is good in Kenya. Then I said it's fine." Started off the socialite.

She went on to add that she made all the arrangements which took a month to be finalized as she connected Tanasha to Body by Design as that's where she had gotten her liposuction procedure from.

The parties apparently reached an influencer agreement where Tanasha was to get the surgery as a complimentary and in return, she'd market the cosmetic surgery page.

"The agreement was, they were going to remove fat from her inner thighs, her stomach and put it in her butt," dished Risper, adding, "all they needed from her was a shout out."

Risper, added it didn't take long after getting the surgery before Tanasha ghosted and pulled off on the deal.

"The day for doing the photoshoot and posting, she didn't come. Wamemtafuta, wamemtafuta one-month ikaisha, two months ikaisha.

Now they're like- now you need to pay this money."

She went on to add that Tanasha's actions did put her in bad light with the company.

"So, the owner of the company was looking at me like, 'Risper, what type of person did you bring to us?

You promised that this lady is going to deliver, she didn't deliver.'... I'm not the bad guy here, she didn't keep her side of the deal." Lamented the socialite. 

She finishes off by revealing the whole ordeal became a police case and that Tanasha blocked her

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