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Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai just revealed that she has had a little cosmetic work done on her body.

According to the 34-year-old entrepreneur her gums used to be dark but she was not feeling it and went and had a makeover.

The revelation came into light after a fan asked her about the transition. 


The curious netizen sent Anerlisa a DM asking the entrepreneur about the change of her gum color.  The netizen added that she was asking just because she was curious to know if it's a procedure she could also undergo. 

She wrote, " Hi gal, don't get me wrong, I have been following you since you were not even on instagram. Please do not get offended but nime notice your gum colour changed. Is it true ama ni filter? Niko na dark gum na sipendi. It is totally okay kama you don't want to answer. It's all love.

"Some Fans Though? As in?" Anerlisa captioned the photo before offering a reply.


She wrote, " I even forgot about the change. Hello dear That's an old picture lol. No it's totally fine to ask. Yes I did change my gum color. "

Anerlisa Muigai showing off her pink gum
Image: Instagram
Okay, a little weird to me. Like the caption and the tone of the reply did not go hand in hand but that is just me and at the end of the day she did answer.


Anerlisa then went ahead to share a video of herself smiling adding that her mom loved her gums dark and she still wishes that her daughter had not changed the original color.

However she highlighted that she adored the pink gums and felt it totally suited her. She did not reveal where she had the change done from or how much it did cost 

I know what you are also think, one can change their gum color? Huh? Like for real? 

I'm still in shock.

I wanna know the how honestly, like how do you change the color of your gums.

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