Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi, a comedian turned activist, has raised at least Sh600,000 for a mother whose son is being treated at KNH for a rare disease.

Omondi pleaded with Kenyans in a social media update to assist the mother in paying hospital fees for the tiny youngster who requires urgent specialised care.

The comedian claims that the one-month-old infant has a malignant tumour in the jaw and is in excruciating discomfort.


“This is baby Pyden Mudoga, he is only one month old. I have visited him several times in the hospital and Every time I find him crying, he has a cancerous tumour in the Jaw and is constantly in pain," Omondi said in part.

Omondi announced in his statement that he will hold a fundraiser for infant Pyden Mudoga at 8 p.m.

He did, however, ask well-wishers to direct their donations to Magdalene Khamisi, the child's mother.


“WE MUST STOP the pain. This is his mother, Magdalene Khamisi, a very strong woman. Tonight from 8 pm to 12am I'll be raising money for the baby and mother on all my social media platforms.

“START SENDING MONEY to mothers number 0757845548 (Name: MAGDALENE KHAMISI). Let's raise enough to treat the baby and help the family move from their single room in Kawangware to a better house. LET'S DO IT GUYS🙏💪. SEE YOU AT 8 PM FOR THE LIVE FUNDRAISING. GOD BLESS,” Omondi said.

The comic provided another update a few hours later, stating that Magdalene's phone had reached its limit with Sh600K.

In order to continue the fundraiser, he continued by providing the father's phone number.

“THANK YOU SOO MUCH GUYS🙏🙏🙏��😢😢 Simu ya mama mtoto ishajaa na Ksh 600,000 Tuendeleee kutuma Kwa Simu ya Baba Mtoto on 0708631100 Jina James Asirigwa.

  1. Tutatibu Mtoto
  2. Tuta Hamisha Family from single room in Kawangware
  3. Tutawafungulia biashara

KEEP SENDING TO 0708631100 Name is James Asirigwa. SEE YOU LATER ON THE LIVE AT 8PM,” read the update.

Recently, more over Sh1,000,000 was raised for a Kisumu student who was allegedly shot nine times during demonstrations.

The Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu has admitted the form four pupil known as Fidel Castro. Castro attends Bishop Abiero Secondary School and is 17 years old.

Omondi set up an online fundraising event, and many well-wishers tuned in to watch the live feed in support of the programme.

Prior to that, he had once more gathered more than Sh400,000 for Victor Juma, a Mathare resident who had been detained for reportedly confronting police who had teargassed his child during Azimio demonstrations.