21 Savage trends after singing his heart out on the Renaissance tour

The rapper had fans impressed as he sang along to hits like 1+1 and Dangerously In Love 2

American rapper 21 Savage
Image: Instagram

Move over, surprise collaborations, there's a new fanboy in town, and his name is 21 Savage! 

The multi-award-winning rapper, known for his tough image and fierce rhymes, recently revealed a side that had fans saying, "Wait, what?!" On his Instagram stories, the 30-year-old shared several videos of him singing his heart out while on Beyoncé's Renaissance tour.

In a plot twist that soaps would envy, 21 Savage popped up at one of Beyoncé's legendary concerts, and he wasn't just nodding along in the crowd and swaying his body.

 No sir, he was singing his heart out as Bey performed her hit song '1+1' with cheers echoing through the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. 21 Savage proved that even the most intense hip-hop artists can't resist the gravitational pull of Beyoncé's musical magic.

The Beyhive grows! Let's take a moment to appreciate this unique fusion: 21 Savage, a lyrical genius, and a card-carrying member of the Beyhive. It's proof that music breaks down barriers and unites the most unlikely of fans. Who's up for a dreamy 21 Savage and Beyoncé duet? Count us in!

He might have been a tad off-key while enthusiastically singing along to Beyoncé's soulful ballads like "1+1" and "Dangerously In Love 2," but come on, who among us hasn't tried hitting those high notes in the shower only to realize it's a bit of a stretch?

21 sounded so giddy with excitement and joy it is impossible to troll him seeing how much fun  he had and the fact that he knew the lyrics word for word.

Let's give the man credit where credit is due. It takes guts to belt out tunes in front of thousands of Beyoncé fans some of the most passionate music lovers out there.

Fans online have gone into a frenzy with most sharing how impressed they were with the rappers "free-spirited nature."

Below are a few comments from X formerly known as Twitter;

MS INCHEZ: when I tell you 21 savage has me CRYING lmaoooooo you know he loves Beyoncé down

LuvCrysSmith;Lmfaooooooo man singing his heart out I love it

younglordbrxxzy·;21 Savage is a whole different vibe

With that being said, kudos to 21 Savage for having the courage to sing along with gusto, even if he wasn't exactly auditioning for "The Voice." After all, when it comes to music, the most important thing is the smile it brings to your face.

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