Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Popular blogger Edgar Obare has been forced to apologize after wrongly reporting on socialite Vera Sidika's trip to Dubai.

Over the weekend, the blogger claimed that Vera's trip was financed by a Russian tycoon whom she was supposed to meet in Jumeirah.

"The source claims that the mother of two, Vera Shikwekwe, flew to Dubai to join her Russian tycoon married in Jumeirah and demanded not to be served by the East African staff as she is a celebrity. Brown Mauzo should not feel shy," Edgar Obare reported on Saturday.

Just a day later, the famous blogger retracted his initial report and revealed that Vera had responded and given the truth.

Edgar Obare
Image: Instagram

In a statement on Sunday, Edgar apologized to the mother of two, admitting that the initial report was incorrect.


"We apologize for the incorrect report of socialite Vera Sidika's trip to Dubai sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she replied and gave us the receipts," the blogger wrote on Instagram.

Through her page, Vera confirmed accepting the blogger's apology and advised him not to write wrong information about her in the future.

"Apology accepted. Let's correct the writing of the story based on facts and proof and receipts. Not rumours from fake accounts of people who don't like me," Vera wrote.

The wife of musician Brown Mauzo continued to send a warning to all bloggers warning them against writing lies about her.

She pointed out that moving forward, bloggers who lie about her will find themselves at risk of being brought to court.

"Starting today, any blog that writes false and fake news about me, you better have proof of claims or we go to court. That's the end. It's Vera Sidika 2.0. I'm not playing this time," she said.

The mother of two further hinted that she will no longer ignore fake stories being written about her and warned that people who engage in them will get into trouble with her.