Amber Ray reignites beef with Vera Sidika

The mom of two revealed this during an interview on TV47

Socialite Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Controversial socialite/social media influencer Amber Ray is yet going after fellow socialite/entrepreneur and aspiring artist Vera Sidika.

In an interview aired on TV47 Amber unapologetically called Vera fake highlighting that the lack of authenticity from the reality TV star is the main reason why the two can't be friends.

During the interview, Dr. Ofweneke brought up the issue curious to know if the two had mended fences.


"You've never shied away from calling out nonsense and I think the latest nonsense you called out was my first co-host from Hello Mr Right, Vera.

Are you guys okay now?" Ofweneke posed the question.

Without missing a beat Amber went on to reveal that she doesn't like the socialite and has no dreams of building bridges when it comes to that front.


"No we are not, we don't love each other and its okay. Hatupendani..." Amber candidly said as the audience burst out in giggles due to her brute honesty.

"Kwani Vera alikufanyia nini jamani, (what did Vera seriously do to you?)" A concerned Ofweneke asked.

Vera Sidika and Amber Ray

The digital influencer went on to highlight the main reason they don't see eye to eye actually originates from the death of a mutual friend of theirs, who happened to be Amber's best friend.

"I feel like she's too fake, let me just say that, and I don't like that.

But mostly from what I wrote on social media... the reason I don't like her is my late best friend was there for her and when my best friend passed, Vera never appeared anywhere," Amber said with undertones of anger lingering in her words.

Dr. Ofweneke backed up Amber's words attesting that he never saw Vera in any of the burial plans meetings.

"I can attest I never saw her at anytime during that whole time...apart from the burial I was in all those meetings and I can attest I never saw her," the TV host added.

"Ata hakuchanga pesa, ata ten bob!" An agitated Amber Ray voiced as she went on to highlight it doesn't matter how wealthy a person is she feels contributing to a burial is a courteous thing to do.

She also pointed out that yes a person may be wealthy but having their assets released usually takes time and all that so it isn't an excuse not to contribute.

Might we get the war of the socialites 2.0? Only time... and Vera Sidika's response will tell.


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