Doja Cat shades over 700k fans who unfollowed her on Instagram

Fans got furious with the artist after she publicly said she doesn't love them

Doja Cat
Image: Instagram

Award-winning American rapper and singer Doja Cat has issued a statement after over 700k fans unfollowed her after her most recent online drama.

The artist claims she is super unbothered and actually happy over people unfollowing her.

According to the 27- year-old she feels as if a heavy beast that has been holding her down has finally been slayed.

On her Instagram stories Doja went on to share how the fans who left weren't really fans and she was now ready to reconnect with the "real ones."


"Seeing all these people unfollow me makes me feel like I have finally defeated a large beast that has been holding me down for so long," started off the 'Woman' hit maker fuelling her ongoing stand off drama with her fans.

Doja went on to add that she was now ready to be with people who will allow her to grow instead of being deep rooted on who she used to be.

"Now it feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was," the rest of her post read.


Finishing up she noted, "I feel free,"

In less than 2 days after the singer told her fans that she didn't love them she lost over 230,000 followers on Instagram. 

Figures provided to Billboard by the Meta-owned company show that she lost 237,758 followers on Instagram (and counting) after her public spat with her fans.

Currently she has 25.1 million followers from over 25.6 million followers.

This isn't the first time Doja has faced such immense backlash from her fans. A year ago, she lost over 200k followers over her drama with Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp.

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