Diana Marua with Bahati and their family
Image: Instagram

The Bahati family recently celebrated the fourth birthday of their son Majesty.

A collage of family photos that displayed the family's closeness served as a dedication for the day.

All of Diana and Bahati's family members were dressed in all-black attire, and the guys all had sharp appearances.


Even the boys were dressed in bow ties and suits as Bahati wrote about how hard he works to support his family.


"My promise to you as you Turn 4 is that I will always be here to support your dreams. I will always work hard to give a Life that I never had and above all I will give you The Best gift that a Father can ever give to his Son... I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU MJ."

Unfortunately, a number of other celebrities have been added to one of those photos online.

Victor Wanyama with Serah Teshna and their baby boy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan football player Victor Wanyama is one of many included in the manipulated image.

He apparently was friends with Diana Marua when they were younger. Kenyans who are commenting on the image have tagged the football player because it has gone viral.


Wanyama was offended to see himself in the family photo and demanded that Kenyans cease implying anything about the footballer and one of Bahati's children, he posted on his Twitter account.

"This Foolishness Needs To Stop Now," he called out Kenyans.

Following his comment, netizens responded, with many claiming he ought to have disregarded the image.