Image: Instagram/KRG

KRG the Don has now replied to the viral assault that Bahati and Diana Marua endured when someone altered their family image to include a number of male celebrities.

KRG who is a father of 4 called out the trolls who had superimposed his photo on the Bahati's family portrait saying,

"When will people learn to respect children in this country? You can troll me and other adults all you can but watoto wa mtu is a No Go Zone," he started.


He then went on to demand Kenyans have some respect for people's children saying that they should cushioned from such stuff.

"Wekeni heshima kidogo. Kids are the future so we must protect them at all costs against such things!!!"

Many people might be surprised to learn that KRG has known Diana and Bahati for a long time. Even Heaven, their first child, has him as a godfather.


"We are good friends, we were having fun we were dancing, you know, she is like my sister When I am with my sister I can hold you, I can hug you, the only thing I cannot do ni mambo ya ile sasa ya mzee kabisa kabisa , lakini kushikana ku kufurahia hata tuimbe pampoja that one you can do with your sister," he said in a previous interview with Mungai Eve.

A few hours prior to KRG's response, another male celebrity who had been altered to look like his family had made a similar statement.Victor Wanyama, a former Harambee Stars icon, expressed his disgust over the image in a tweet urging that Kenyans stop their slurs.

"This Foolishness Needs To Stop Now," he called out his fellow citizens.

The midfielder was then advised by Kenyans to disregard the picture and that his reaction would fuel the flames of the viral shot.