Ezekiel Machogu
Image: The-Star

Ezekiel Machogu, the education cabinet secretary, has stated that all students who have received admission letters should report to their respective universities on Monday of the following week.

In his testimony on Thursday before the National Education Committee, Machogu argued that no student should be expelled from school due to unpaid tuition.

"All students will be admitted as we are processing the funding for first-year students," Machogu said.


"We will be giving the universities the funds so that they don't say that we are admitting first-year students without the funds."

In order to allow students to be incorporated into the schools, Machogu stated that they will be sending a circular letter to the universities.

This comes after MPs inquired as to whether students who have not yet received their scholarships or loans or paid their fees will be permitted to enrol in their universities on Monday.


Students don't need to wait till they earn scholarships or loans, according to Machogu's response.

75,272 students had submitted their scholarship and loan applications as of August 23.

"Only 30 per cent of university applicants have successfully applied for university funding days before the institution's opening date," he said.