Belgian national Frank Murugi

Tiktoker Frank Murugi has been trending for days.

This was after a video of him claiming to have gone broke after dating a Kikuyu woman went viral.

Frank became famous for dating Kenyan Tiktoker Murugi.

Here are things you didn't know about Tiktoker Frank Murugi

  • His real is Neluemrev Knarf.
  • He is a Belgian national.
  • Frank is currently dating Rhama, who hails from West Africa.
  • He is aged 42.
  • He was married to Tiktoker Murugi for two years after a year of dating.
  • He announced his breakup from Murugi in April 2023.
  • He has three kids, a daughter with Murugi and two kids with Rhama.