Netizens troll Belgian TikToker after he accused Kikuyu wife of milking him dry

In a video, the TikToker shared his woes detailing he was broke after 3 years of being with his Kikutu wife

Belgian national Frank Murugi

Controversial Belgium national Neluemrev Knarf popularly known as Frank Murugi has elicited mixed reactions after accusing his ex-Kenyan wife, Murugi, of milking him dry.

In a now trending video, Frank lamented on being broke just 3 years after getting together with his Kikuyu baby mama, Murugi.

Mind you, the two were married for two years after a year of dating. They celebrated their second wedding anniversary in October 2022 before splitting earlier this year. They are blessed with a baby girl named Kenia. 

The controversial digital content creator who previously revealed that he had separated from Murugi in April of this year, expressed his remorse over marrying her maintaining she had milked him dry.

"After being with a Kikuyu lady for 3 years, I'm now completely broke," Franks video read. In the video he tried pulling a sad face as he multitasked between looking away dejectedly and staring at the camera while he rested his head on his hand.

In another video he went on to imply that Murugi had not been worth it and he regrets time spent with her.

"Me realising that I gave too much to the wrong person," the caption on the video read.

Netizens, however, were not filled with remorse for the Belgian nation. The comment section was a comedy central with some praising Murugi for whatever she allegedly did to the man while others joked that he should be in church giving a testament for still being alive.

A section (of the more mature netizens if I may add) felt that it was wrong for Frank to generalize an entire community over his misunderstanding with one individual.

It is important to note that although Frank was legally married to Murugi here in Kenya, he has a second wife in Belgium named Rahma. He's often talked about how he is always in between flights so that he'll be able to spend ample time with both his families.

Below are a few comments;

Milly: sasa unatafuta sympathy TikTok? 

Shalyn: why do you blame Kikuyus? Who doesn't love money? Guok

Viva_fashion_ke: Kikuyu to the world! Kenyans we are proud of her

User2034: Who sent you to her? Lol

Queen of Capricon: I'm Ugandan but somebody, anybody give that Kikuyu lady a drink on my bill 

Dean cascroll: the sisterhood oi proud of her... she is officially our chairlady

Lucy Okech: Thank God you are alive, lol 

Snow: Guys I think he meant he is broke because he stopped being with a Kikuyu woman who encouraged him to work hard, 

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