Kamene and Obinna marvel over Kenyans character development antics

The conversation started over a Twitter thread that Kamene had come across

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Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna got into a not-so-candid conversation over a Twitter thread that Kamene had come across over the series of character development antics they'd gone through.

"Love is a beautiful thing lakina inafika mahali madharau inaingia (but it gets to a point where disrespect comes in)

That is the weird thing about love, when it is good it is absolutely amazing but when it is bad... wueh wacha tu," started Kamene.

She went on to highlight how over the weekend she came across a thread on Twitter that consisted of Kenyans talking about the kind of disrespect that they had been shown in relationships.

"I came across this thread where Kenyans were sharing the character development their former loved ones have hit them with... 

Wueh if these are the things you guys are doing, then you are cutting it real close to Lucifer." cried Kamene.

"So the thread started with a guy called Kimuzi who asked the question that got other Twitter users active. A guy came and said he had a girlfriend but he didn't know his girlfriend had another boyfriend.

Eeehh this one is rough.... you do it," Kamene said as he handed over the photo to her co-host Oga Obinna as she felt the thread was a little heavy for her.

Obinna taking charge went on to read out the censored version of the thread, "one day I was just chilling in the house then I heard my phone ding and it was pictures an unknown number had sent me on the green app.

They were negative r-rated pics of my girl chilling with her guy as well as a short video of them at the dining table as well. 

It was my cousin who took the rope from my hands..." 

"It is tough out here!" Obinna mused.

Kamene still processing all this breathed an exasperated sigh as she wondered how people had gotten to be Lucifer's spawns.

She finished off by letting her listeners know that she'd be sharing her character development story soon as she had healed from everything she had read.

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