Kamene and Obinna
Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss 100

Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna are debating on when one needs to get engaged after dating.

Kamene felt like five to seven years is way too long.

But how long is too long in the dating scene before the other party proposes? 

"If any progress is made in a relationship, its the boy who does it. Seven years is too long," said Kamene

Obinna interrupted "God helps those who help themselves. Baby girl, stop sleeping in class. There are very many ladies who are in marriages right now that they set up themselves. Most men get comfortable, you are there, you are loving me, I'm loving you, I don't see no problem. We good."

Obinna disagreed with Kamene, saying that most progress is actually made by the woman and not the man.

"Things like 'come meet my parents, we need to make a date for the wedding,' most of them are initiated by the girl-child. Because the wedding is normally for the girl, men don't care about the wedding. "

"Also, if a man has been with you for seven years and he hasn't spoken about marriage, baby girl, you need to re-evaluate."

So what does it mean when a man takes long before he proposes?

"He doesn't think of you as a marriage material. Or he's just not serious about you. Or he's too comfortable and knows you are going nowhere. I can't put a time frame but you should know," Obinna explained.

Recently, Kamene Goro shut down claims that she had gotten married after flashing what seemed to be an engagement ring while on Vacation.

"When this story got to me I think mid last week, 'I asked I got married? Ama is there something that I missed out?'"

"It's good news, I mean it's fantastic news, I mean I just want to set the record straight."

"Guys I am not married just yet however I think give or take, maybe next year I will be married"