Kamene reveals most expensive gift she's gotten a guy

Kamene was reacting to Zuchu gifting Diamond a chain worth 1.5 million

Kamene reveals things dumb things she's done for a man
Kamene Kamene reveals things dumb things she's done for a man
Image: Instagram

Our resident baby girl Kamene Goro reacting to Tanzanian artist Zuchu gifting her boss a gold chain revealed that she as well has done the most for a guy.

Kamene is always vocal about her past relationships, dumb things she's done in them, and lessons learned so you can tell she wasn't shy about this one. 

"Zuchu and Diamond... mmhhm... okay. EEhh lakini Zuchu unaleta pressure mingi sana, bonge la pressure," started off the radio host. 

Kamene went on in awe to add, "Zuchu bought Diamond a necklace in excess of millions and this is by the way shortly after it was revealed she is the first East African female nominated for the MTV EMA Awards." 

Going on with her narration in a very animated way the 30-year-old added how elated Diamond was with the gift that he actually even ended up kissing Zuchu.

Following the whole gifting debate, Kamene revealed how her co-workers were lamenting that girls should borrow a leaf from Zuchu and learn to give substantial gifts.

"Kina Chito and the guys in the office were like all girls do is give us socks, vests, and boxers complaining that guys need better gifts.

We also want substantial gifts.

And I was like girls we do really gift well like not just vests and socks."

Defending baby girls Kamene went on to use herself as an example that girls don't just buy happy socks.

"I'm telling you guys Personally I've ever found myself buying a guy 10 colognes all at once. Like 1,2,3....10. I know it wasn't millions but that was a lot of money I'm telling you." 

Award-winning singer Zuchu gifted her boss and rumoured lover Diamond Platinumz a new gold chain worth Sh1, 525, 482.80 as a birthday present to her boss who turned a year older on October 2.

The chain is encrusted with Diamond's face.

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