Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro
Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Kiss FM

Kamene Goro was conned a whooping Ksh 18 thousand over the weekend. The Kiss FM presenter said she was looking for a play station in online stores.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene described it as the order of the day.

"If you haven't gone through this rite of passage, you've not really lived in this Kanairo or in this 254. "

She went on to narrate "It was such a deal. Delivery within 1 hour 45 minutes. They asked us to pay a deposit of 18K. After hours, we called the number and it was off. After 45 minutes, the phone went on again. We called back and he couldn't pick up. We called with another number, and they picked up and lied about confirming. I told him not to hang up, but he hangs up and blocks me even on Instagram."

Shocked as she was, Kamene is still in disbelief that she was conned "Long story short, yesterday, I was conned a clean 18k bob. I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach. It's another day in the life, people are getting conned every day."

In the past, Kamene recalled how she was almost conned when searching for a space to move into.

My story isn’t even for mobile phones, remember when we were looking for houses and talking about fake agents and I really remember one who was insisting for me to pay the house deposit in a hurry claiming that other people have spotted the same house and they are also looking to pay.” Narrated Kamene.

Obinna also urged Kiss FM listeners to stay on the watch to avoid getting scammed.

So there has been a situation that has been going around for I think one week; it is called sim swap where your phone is deactivated somehow another person gets another sim that is similar to yours and they use it to withdraw money from your accounts and they also request for loans,” he said at the time.

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