Kamene exposes some of the lies Kenyans boldly tell

The radio presenter believes that some lies help the world move.

Kenyan lies we tell to avoid conversation
Kamene Kenyan lies we tell to avoid conversation
Image: Instagram

Today morning, Kamene Goro exposed the Kenyan lies we tell to get out of situations and conversations that we may not be interested in.

On her morning conversation talk show, the bubbly presenter admitted that she was guilty of said behaviour, especially when a conversation goes any longer than 7 to 10 minutes.

"I really get extremely, extremely impatient... if you are ever going to call me by the way moving forward, let us keep it at 7 to 10 minutes maximum," she said.

Kamene went on to justify the lies most of us tell, claiming that some lies help the world move;
"Yes, it is okay... some lies actually help the world move, okay?", she added.

So what are some of the lies she believes are very common among Kenyans?

What are some other lies you think she may have missed?

There is the old faithful: "Wacha niende hivi kidogo, ntakushtua nikifika..." (there is somewhere i need to be, let me call you back when I get there)

The radio host spoke on the lies tell each other
Kamene Goro. The radio host spoke on the lies tell each other
Image: Instagram

The media personality furthered the topic by giving a real life incident relating to one of her friends - the story details a situation where her friend lost track of time, forgetting that he had a date.

What lie did the boyfriend give as an excuse? One that is as old as time itself:

"Aki imagine babe nimeshikana hapa kwa jam, I'll be there in the next 15 minutes," Kamene tells us.

But what do you guys think, is Kamene spot on with her sentiments on this topic?

Are these types of lies a predominantly Kenyan trait? Or are these same lies  used by everyone regardless of one's nationality?

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