Christina Shusho 
Image: Instagram

Renowned Tanzanian Gospel singer Christina Shusho has come forward to address rumours about her broken marriage.

In her statement on Sunday evening, the singer of the hit song 'Shusha Nyavu' noted that there have been many questions arising from interviews she conducted in 2020 and 2022.

However, she emphasised that she would answer all questions about her recently dissolved marriage when the time is right.


"My dear brothers and sisters, members of the press who are searching for me, and fans in general. I would like to take this opportunity to set some things straight.

I know there are many questions due to the interviews I did in 2020 and others in 2022. Let me just say that I will answer all these questions shortly, and the truth will be known," Christina Shusho said in a statement posted on her social media pages.

Furthermore, the mother of three sent a stern warning to blogs and media outlets cautioning them against spreading false information about her marriage.


Shusho said her lawyers are following up on the matter and announced that necessary legal steps will be taken.

"People who use my name or images on social media to spread misinformation and others to insult: This matter is in the hands of the law, and I trust that appropriate action will be taken by the relevant authorities," she said.

She added, "The day to speak out will come, and I believe the truth always sets one free."

The gospel singer continued to ask for patience from people while some legal procedures are being followed.

"I ask you to be patient during this time when the relevant authorities are working, and all processes are being carried out according to the law because no one is above the law, and there is no right without responsibility," she said.

This comes just a few days after reports surfaced that her ex-husband, John Shusho, had spoken about his pain during a church service.