Christina Shusho remembers Osinachi
Image: Courtesy

Christina Shusho, a renowned gospel artist from Tanzania, has remembered the late Nigerian artist, Osinachi Nwachukwu, who passed away two years ago this April.

Shusho said that today she decided to remember Osinachi in a special way.

"Two years ago this April, we lost the Gospel Music Champion of Nigeria, Osinachi Nwachukwu. Today, I remember her deeply and what led to her death. Learn from it," Shusho wrote.


It will be remembered that the artist, famous for the song 'Ekwueme,' had several narratives surrounding her death, all of which indicated that she died due to abuse from her husband.

Reports at the time claimed that Osinachi, who was married to a man of high status in the church, had repeatedly tried to leave the marriage but each time she sought advice from church leaders, she was rebuked and told that she would be humiliated and mocked for failing in her marriage, despite being a servant of God.

This advice kept her trapped in an abusive marriage until she eventually died from what was reported to be a beating from her husband, who hid behind the veil of the church.


After her death, her children also emphasised that their father had been beating their mother regularly and that she had just been beaten shortly before she died.

Now, considering the circumstances surrounding Osinachi's death, it brings us back to Shusho, who has recently been seen addressing her life in marriage.

Shusho recently became a topic of discussion on social media after admitting that she was no longer in her marriage.

In her explanation, she said that she had to leave the marriage to have more time to serve God, suggesting that perhaps marriage was a hindrance to her ministry.

However, after being talked about extensively online, Shusho also hinted that there might be more reasons that led her to leave her marriage, saying,

"What you don't know is like a dark night. Not everything requires an answer, and when the time comes to speak, I will speak."

From this statement, many feel that there are deeper reasons that led her to leave her marriage, and now everyone is waiting for that time to come to hear more from her.