Christina Shusho
Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho
Image: Instagram

Just a day before her much anticipated New Year's Eve concert, Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho has revealed that her favourite Kenyan artist is none other than Kenyan rapper and lyrical master, Nyashinski.

The father of two is really the GOAT!

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Shusho opened up about her love for the veteran musician as she went on to gush over the things that sets Shinski apart from other artists... which make her adore him greatly.


"In Kenya, I really love Nyashinski," started off the 'Shusha Nyavu' hitmaker with immense joy in her voice..


Still singing praises of the veteran artist, 46-year-old Shusho revealed how overjoyed she would be if the 'Mungu Pekee' crooner would grace her with his presence during her much anticipated New Year's Eve party.

The gospel artist noted her love for Nyashinski was so great that if he asked for a music collaboration she would be willing to grant him one.


"If he came (to my show) I would be very happy. If he says he wants a collaboration, we will sit down and talk about it.

I love his level of creativity, I love how calm he is, and I love his style of music, and he doesn't have too much noise," Christina Shusho said with delight.

Veteran Kenyan lyrical master Nyashinski
Image: Instagram

From the X comments, netizens could not contain their joy upon hearing Shusho acknowledge Shinski as the GOAT, with many pleading with him to not only honour her invite but also work on a track with her which they noted they could not wait to listen to.

Besides the 'Perfect Design' hitmaker, the only other person (besides her multitude of fans) that Shusho has publicly extended an invite to is President William Samoei Ruto.

Shortly after landing in the country, the gospel artist thanked Kenyans for the warm welcome while courteously sending out an invitation to the head of state

"The entertainment industry has a lot of people, and my prayer to our president, William Ruto, is that he should support us so that we can continue. The entertainment industry is huge, and if given the right environment, they will thrive and will not disturb you," said the Tanzanian artist.

Christina will be performing at the Churchill Show Cross Over concert set to go down at the Garden City, Nairobi.


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