Singer Akothee

Entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has expressed her displeasure with a single mother whom she assisted with housing, after she allowed her ex-husband to move in with her in their new residence.

Through her Facebook page, Akothee stated that she feels used because the single mother of six cried to her that her ex-husband had destroyed their home and asked for help with housing, only to later bring her ex into the house provided by Akothee.

"It seems I have become a target for exploitation. Out of generosity, I provided housing and resources to a single mother of six, giving them a home, land for farming, food, water, free electricity, and education for all her children. However, despite my efforts, this woman shows irresponsibility towards her children," Akothee said.


The Akothee Safaris entrepreneur revealed that the single mother told her that her husband was the one who destroyed the home they lived in with their children, and thus requested alternative housing assistance, but later brought the same ex back into the house provided by Akothee.

"Her laziness is evident as she neglects her parental duties. Furthermore, the actions of her ex-husband, demolishing their previous home, have led her to seek refuge in my property without permission. He freely enters my home and helps himself to anything he wants without bothering to ask."

"To exacerbate the situation, she invites her ex-husband to stay with her, causing further disturbance and even disrespecting my employees. This situation has left me questioning the wisdom of my initial generosity and wondering how I got into this problematic situation," she concluded, stating that the incident has deeply hurt her.