Is doing house chores for your boyfriend a benchmark for marriage? - Kamene

The morning conversation made for an interesting topic on Twitter, and people had mixed reactions to it

morning conversation show
Kamene morning conversation show
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Kamene Goro's morning conversation show sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter, and her target audience had mixed reactions to it.

While she was on Twitter, the  media personality stumbled upon a discussion relating to the topic in question.

"dame kukuja kwako na hafanyi anything, not even doing dishes or simply cooking, yaani ata kama hujui kupika... at least she can make some effort ya kukatakata vitungu, ama ata osha viombo..." she reads.

(A woman coming to your place and not doing anything, not dishes or simply cooking, at least make an effort to chop some of the groceries or at the very least wash the dishes).

She went on to narrate, "ndio kwa maana some of you next time ukitext mtu 'uko?' hawezi reply." (That is why you do not get a reply the next time you try to find out his whereabouts).

The radio show host seemingly disagrees with the idea being pushed by this tweet.

"so... let me get this right,  you invite me over to your diggs... right? And you want to cook, or we have to eat... and I, am supposed to wash dishes and cook for you?" Kamene shared her frustration.

There are those that share a similar point of view. One caller said,

CALLER: "Mimi siwezi fanya hizo house chores, kazi yangu ni kukaa na remote kwa kiti".

Another said,

CALLER: "Mimi I believe kama ni wewe umeniinvite, you should be the one to do the chores. Ukikuja kwangu, sawa nitafanya lakini kwako hapana".

However, not everyone saw it like this; many of whom expressed their discontentment through Twitter.

Trev@its_kimathi: Continue misleading them

DarkHumour_Ke: Hivo tu Ndo vile Mboch hupita na husband wa wenyewe

kenstbuto: Isn't the lady expecting the man to foot all financial needs she may have while at his 'digs'?! Are the gender roles expected from a financial point alone, by extension only men expected to do their gender roles? This is entitlement.

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