Kwambox and Chito in the Kiss FM Studios

The 21st generation of parents seems to be very open about their relationships and don't mind the children seeing them being romantic, unlike the past generational parents.

The highlight of the question of the day on Morning Kiss with the fantastic duo Chito and Kwambox was based on whether Kenyans had seen their parents being romantic.

Kwambox says that she has grown up in a family where her parents were romantic to each other, they bought flowers for each other and also called each other sweet names.

"My father used to buy flowers for my mum and even wrote letters to her even after computers were developed," Chito contributed to the discussion.

"Parents should show their children what to do in the future, not doing them 'chini ya maji'," Chito continues.

Today's topic was derived from the Honorable Raila Odingas' 50th anniversary of marriage to his wife Ida Odinga.

From the celebration we see them showing affection to each other and being romantic; dancing with each other, while giving out their speeches, despite their age.

The opposition leader even cut his trip short to attend the wedding anniversary.

Many Kenyans seem to not have seen their parents being romantic to each other, others have but only when they were young as a caller stated during the discussion.

Romance to them is only from the TV, the soap operas, or seeing other couples or parents.

Some Kenyans have shared their experiences and here are some;

Caller: "I have seen my parents being romantic, For example when my father is at home and my mom arrives later after work, she asks 'How's the father of my children doing? ' but they are always romantic to each other when we are not around."

YøùngÐùmß@Mesh58623316122I: "never even see my Parents "Huggin" where will Romance come from? Unless zile zaa Endeni mcheze baba yenu anataka kulala"

Mkenya mjanja@antwed1: "Not even a second."

Francis Osiemo@francisomaende: "I have seen this since I met them. They inspire me to do the same. Even in their old age sometimes I think am not able to be publicly be affectionate as them."

Chito Ndhlovu@ChitoNdhlovu: "We gotta thank God for Mexican soaps because many of the folks outchea that the only place they see love."