Sam West
Sam West
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In recent years older women have been openly dating young men.Most of these men are either on campus or at their first job.

In an interview with Mpasho, Motivational speaker Sam West says there is no harm in dating an older person as long as it is consensual.

He went ahead to share some of the reasons he feels are attracting younger men to older women.


" Young men have very high libido.

For most women as they age their libido also goes high. When they meet these young men they share something in common.The older women are also looking for excitement, Marriage can sometimes be like watching one video over and over.People become monotonous and decide to look for something else."

Sam says young men prefer old women as they are more confident about who they are and what they want.

"The young men do not have a long relationship history. Younger men love older women as they feel like they are more experienced and experimental.They are more confident something young men find attractive.

Some young men who are attracted to older women have childhood trauma. Chances are they were never brought up by someone.They tend to seek for someone to affirm them."


"These younger guys need such as they are also trying to find their identity.Men are more keen on someone who activates them intellectually,There is no pressure in that relationship, dating a younger girl comes with its pressure e.g. finances, etc." 

In conclusion, Sam says there is no set limit as to who you should date or marry provided you are of legal age.

"When dating older women, they have no problem spending money on a young guy.Such women have no problem sharing you with their wives."

Sam says some of these relationships are however not problem-free.

The Bible does not have any specific ruling on minimum or maximum age. 

It however  advises a man  to 'enjoy' the wife of his youth.

 Proverbs 5:18 states

"May your fountain be blessed,   and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth."